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Top Marketing Hacks to Design Better Facebook Ads

With 2.45 billion monthly users, Facebook has become the perfect place for businesses to stay connected with their customers. The social media platform uses the data it collects from its users to serve them with targeted ad campaigns. For businesses around the world, it means, they can reach out to their target audience in the most effective way possible, no matter how niche their audience is.

In 2019, 94 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue came from mobile ads alone and the overall ad impression increased by 37 percent. With more people at home now than ever before, expect this number to be much higher in the present day.

But creating a successful Facebook ad isn’t as easy as it seems when there are so many brands trying to compete for the attention of the end-users.

Up next are the top marketing hacks that can get your Facebook ads a competitive edge, accelerate CTA and conversation rates, while making the most use of your budget.

1. Leverage the power of Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow you to add up to 10 images/ videos in one post. Each image/ video can have a different caption and hashtags. Carousel ads are perfect to showcase your product catalog or to share a whole story through images that would have otherwise been difficult to do with just one image post.

With Carousel ads, you get up to 30-50 percent lower cost per conversion, and then cost per click also decreases by 20-30 percent when compared to single image ads.

Since these ads are charged the same as image ads, they also help save costs since you essentially get more engagement and conversions for the same advertising costs.

2. Understand Placement

Facebook offers over a dozen placement ads that you can choose according to your campaign goals and ad format. Each placement requires a different ad image size, call to action, and captions. An ad image that looks great in the news feed won’t fit as a Story ad.

Instead of displaying the same ad on all placements together, you should only select the ad placements that fit your ad creative and goals in order to make the most out of your advertising budget.

While news feed and carousel ads are better suited for eCommerce businesses as they give higher conversions, story ads offer higher views which makes them perfect for brand awareness ad campaigns.

3- Keep the Design Minimal and Simple

With so much competition and so much of your research going into designing ads, you can sometimes forget the basics. The one true mantra to Facebook ads, or any ads, is to keep things simple.

Facebook users are already bombarded with sponsored and paid content from everywhere and it becomes incredibly easy for them to recognize a paid ad and scroll past it. You need to make your ad creatives engaging, attractive, and minimal so that the users actually want to stop and scroll.

4. Videos are better than images

Did you know that over 50 percent of Facebook’s video revenue is generated via mobile-first videos?

Videos have the highest engagement rate on Facebook, and video ads are perfect for keeping your viewers hooked for much longer. While video creation might require more effort, the ROI is much higher. Elevate your video quality by taking help from a professional, and repurpose content from blogs, posts, infographics to create videos that capture attention.

It's important to note that 85 percent of users watch Facebook videos without sound. That means, your videos should make sense with or without sound. You can also use closed captions or subtitles to convey your message without any audio.

5. Remarket to your Target Audience

On average, only 4 percent of visitors on a website convert to customers before leaving. Gauging their intent, you can benefit from reaching these 96 percent who are not converting with remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing means showing new ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand. It can users who have visited your company website or the ones that have clicked on a previous ad campaign.

Moreover, customers buy from brands that they trust, and they trust brands only when they know about them. Branding, and by extension marketing, is about making people trust your brand.

With this in mind, the goal of all your ads should not just be to sell but to garner attention from your target audience. As they get more familiar with your brand, you can expect higher conversion rates on ads that you retarget these prospects with. You can start with brand awareness ad campaigns to introduce your brand to your target audience. Then retarget the users that engaged with those ads by offering them special discounts and deals.

With remarketing ad campaigns, you can encourage customers to finish their purchase, invite them to stay in touch with your brand, and convince prospective customers who are still undecided.

6- Leverage Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger has over 1,300 million monthly users. Ads on Facebook Messengers are exclusively reserved for retargeting users, which means you can get personal and candid with your audience.

Ads on the feed can get buried away or lose out on the algorithm, but if you have a cheeky idea messenger might be where it works best! Further, keep in mind that conversion rates are staggeringly high with Facebook Messenger ads, and here’s a case study to prove it.

Messenger ads also allow users to interact with your brand without having to make a purchase which makes you more approachable. You can also use a chat-assistant for Facebook Messenger and have longer conversations with prospects, which increases your chances of conversion, as any salesperson could tell you.

Final Words

You might have the best product of all competitors but if your content and ads quality does not convey this you are going to lose out on conversions. Facebook Ads are undoubtedly an incredible source of traffic for your business and leveraging them can do wonders for your business.

While it might seem easy on the surface, the world of Facebook ads is fascinatingly huge, and might sometimes be overwhelming for those who do not know the inside outs of the design principles of ads.

Getting some help from a professional can bridge this gap, make your ads much more polished, save you a lot of stress and hassle, and enable you to reach a wider audience in no time!

Prrowess is an unlimited graphic design agency that also offers 10 days Money-back Guarantee. Try Prrowess to see how it can help your brand with your design needs. To Visit us, click here.



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