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Our Unlimited Plans

Basic Plan

AED 1499/mo

Affordable to scale your business.
Great for startups and SME'

Featured Benefits:

  • 1 to 2 Business Day turnaround (?)

  • 1 x Active Design Task

  • 1 x  Designated Designer

  • Unlimited Requests & Revisions

  • Open Source files included

  • Basic Support - 1 to 2 Business Days Response Time

10 Days RISK-FREE Trial. No Obligation.

100% Money-back Guarantee 

Reach Plan

Best Value Pack

AED 2599/mo

Complete Solution for your Business.

Featured Benefits:


  • Up to 20 Social Media Posts Per Month

  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin

  • Content Write-up for Posts

  • Hashtag Selection for Posts

  • Social Media Scheduling & Posting

  • Monthly Marketing Calendar

  • Designated Marketing Manager

  • Priority Support - Same Day Response Time (within 4 hours)

10 Days RISK-FREE Trial. No Obligation.

100% Money-back Guarantee 

Pro Plan

AED 2999/mo

Great for Event Companies, Marketing Agencies, E-commerce Companies

Featured Benefits:


  • 2 x Designated Designers

  • Upto 3 x Active Design Tasks

  • Same Day Turnaround* (?)

  • 1 x Guest User Profile

  • Premium Support - Response within 2 hours

10 Days RISK-FREE Trial. No Obligation.

100% Money-back Guarantee 

Choose Plan

Got Questions?

We are here to help.

Types of Graphics We Support

Basic Plan

Pro Plan

What we do:

Display ads


Google display ads

Product Label

Event flyers

Basic Photo manipulation

Logo updates


Trade show Marketing

Outdoor graphic


Email header

Transparent Backgrounds

Presentation graphics


Social Media


Sales sheets

Blog header

Ecommerce graphics

What we don't do in the package but we can do as custom services.

Video or Motion graphics

Complex photo manipulation


Product Label

Brand Guidelines

Logo Designing

Extremely complex or fine art


Brand Strategy


Interior Design

Interactive PDF documents

Mobile, Website or App design


Design Concept Development

Architecture Design

Types of graphics we DO NOT support in the above Packages.


These can be done on a project basis based on project fee assessment.

  • Video or motion graphics

  • Extremely complex or fine art illustrations

  • Fillable or interactive PDF documents

  • Photoshop art or complex photo manipulation

  • CAD

  • HTML/CSS/UI/UX, Mobile, Website or App design

  • Programming/coding/development

  • Brand Strategy

  • Design Concept Development for brand

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture Design

  • Logo Designing

Types of graphics we DO NOT support in any circumstances for any Packages.

  • Requests for projects that are sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, politically driven or anything that is against Purrple Orryx’s core values

  • Trademarked names, brands, and quotes

  • Digital Painting (watercolor or paint effects and the like)

  • Gaming Assets

  • Art for your comics/graphic novel

Design Flow Queue - DFQ

Our teams work with a concept of Design Flow Queue - DFQ


There’s no limit to how many requests you can make for a design project. For some clients – this could be 5 things. For other clients – it could be complicated requests – this could be one thing. For the most complicated requests, it could even take a few working days to get something back to you.


Now when we factor in revisions and edits, the timeline of submissions can change and a guaranteed output based on the timeline for DFQ may not be possible.


We do have some general guidelines for what you may expect from DFQs.


One DFQ may look like one of the following:

The process of our design submission will start from the 10 social media graphics and when it's ready, submitted, and approved by the client after all revisions, we start the next design in the list. These are just guidelines and not exact estimates! The time to receive a design or edit back will vary depending on the complexity of your request. As the design is a creative process, each request is different and requires individual understanding and pace which with time will be clearer for each client accordingly.

Unlimited Plan Benefits

Designated Designers

Work with the same Designated designer assigned for a high level of communication and consistency.

Support Assurance

We assign an account manager with every account, who will assist you at every point to make the most of your design requests.

Unlimited Requests

Submit as many design requests as you want. There is no limit. Seriously.

Active Projects

Unlimited plans allow multiple design requests at the same time and Designer works as per your priority within our timelines.

Unlimited Brands & Users

One subscription can be used for your entire brand. If you are an agency, we can take care of all your client requests from you. Add additional Guest Users for $15 a month only.

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