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We’re a flat rate design service company that can provide a full graphic design package, and a full 3D design solution. Our value offer is unparalleled.

Graphic Design

Everyone needs graphic design for lots of reasons. Our team is vetted and professionals to help deliver top-notch design using seamless technology and understanding. It couldn't be more hassle free as we can address all your design needs from anywhere in the world.

How our Process Works

Submit Your Requests


We require details which can be provided by using our questionnaire. It's Simple and Quick.

Review & Revise


Our designer will make the first draft and share with you. You can review and proof your file in our system for more revisions.

Download Files


After you approve the design, you can request all sizes and source files for download and ownership.

Unbeatable Value

Dedicated Designers

Work with the same dedicated designer assigned for high level of communication and consistency.

Support Assurance

We assign an account manager with every account, who will assist you at every point to make the most of your design requests.

Unlimited Requests

Submit as many design requests as you want. There is no limit. Seriously.

Active Projects

Unlimited plans allow multiple design requests at the same time and Designer works as per your priority within our timelines.

Unlimited Brands & Users

One subscription can be used for your entire brand. If you are an agency, we can take care of all your client requests from you.

Hear from Our Clients

Perfect service and very nice customer care. Thank you once again.​

Rad Kes

I approached Prrowess with some rough direction and about my business. Based on our discussions the design team worked on the ideas and sketches and came up with my perfect logo. Thank you for the creative inputs and great design effort. 

Book Vook

Excellent Experience

Nagy Hassan

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the products shipped from?

I live in Lithuania and all my products are shipped from Lithuania.

What countries do I ship to? What method?

I ship Worldwide, by post. Each parcel will have tracking number. COVID update: From 11 May I learned that some countries doesn't accept parcels on temporary basis and I am not able to ship there. I have added only countries that I can ship to. If you don't find Your country, so probably it restricted incoming parcels.

How much is the shiping cost?

Postage rates are calculated based on your location, the size, weight and value of your order, so it’s difficult to estimate a general shipping charge. To find out an exact shipping cost, please add your desired items and a delivery address to your basket.

What payment method are possible?

You can pay with Payment card or Paypal

Can I return the goods?

I am trying to put on my website only tested and user-friendly items. I believe you will be happy with the results. If you want to return item before You have used it I will give You full refund after I receive item back to me. Please kindly note I will not make a refund for postage charges. I cannot give you refund for used mold. Please read further FAQ regarding bubbles.

How long does it take for products to arrive?

It depends on postal service and I cannot guarantee exact times. From my experience it is usually 2-4 weeks outside EU and 1-2 weeks within EU. If it is already more than 30 days after shipping day (that happens very rarely less than 1%) please kindly let me know and I will initiate searching for parcel procedure, that can be initiated only after 30 days and usualy works really well. All my parcels have reached the destination so far. With current COVID-19 situation I notice delays in orders. It is understandable, having in mind additional load on Post workers. Also my husband advised me that most of the regular Flights are cancelled and they were great help for parcels to travel, now there are quite limited amount of planes (mostly cargo) and parcels might wait longer for desired route. I am trying to monitor all deliveries, but it is quite difficult. So please let me know if 30 days after the parcel been shipped you still cannot see any movement/additional details on tracking page and I will then fill special request to Lithuanian post and then they are starting to search for parcel. They reserve up to 60 days for that procedure. So far all parcels have reached their destination. Let's hope all this Virus situation will not affect this. If you will send me request about Your parcel earlier, there is nothing I will be able to do.

Why you don't have any bubbles?

I am using Pressure pot/chamber for pretty much all my resin castings that physically fit into the pressure chamber. I have purchased my Pressure pot after watching this video. I haven't done any vigorous research and paid quite substantial amount - about 600 EUR. You can definitely find cheaper version, I liked sturdy look of this pot and I am really happy with it. I am using it pretty much every day and I think it was the best investment so far. Actually I really want to buy second one slightly larger. Do I recommend to purchase pressure pot? Let's say at that day I was deciding between additional Jimmy choo pair of shoes and Pressure pot, so that time Jimmy Choo lost. Time shows that I have now returned all the cost I have invested in Pressure pot. But even if not, I wouldn't mind having it. It gives me time. Instead of watching over the resin and catching bubbles, I am just pouring the resin into molds (not necessary crystal molds) and just put it to the pot, turn on the air pump for 2 minutes and leave it for 12 hours under pressure. Then I got flawless results. Each time. Doesn't matter what resin I am using. So I cannnot tell you what is best for you. But it was definitely best for me.


10 Day Money Back Gaurantee.

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