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About Us 

Prrowess by Purrple Orryx is a full-service marketing & design department that focuses on providing a cost-effective solution for digital design and marketing. We are based in Dubai and love it!

What do we do?


Our unique design offering coupled with technology creates a concept of unlimited design services. Our unique packages are inclined towards customer ease and productivity. Dedicated real designers work on your designs in real-time and give you the best visuals.


We are a boutique design and marketing firm with expertise in delivering extraordinary experiences to brands. In this digital world, brands require out of the box thinking to engage and build a relationship with their consumers. Our purpose is to comprehend your needs and put your consumers at the heart of our thinking.

Ask, Believe & Receive the exceptional


We specialize in turning imagination into reality. Our crazy bunch of people loves challenges and the way they handle it is truly inspiring.

Life @ Prrowess


We are a young team of dynamic talent ranging from creative graphic designers, marketers, operations, and business management. Our Team carries a lot of energy, determination, and sarcasm (in a funny way.) Our work environment is more lively as Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and many other artists make us groove all day.


Our work involves never enough and never give up mantras, our two bold reasons behind the highest quality work that our team delivers.

We’re the Incredibles, always treating your brand like our own no matter what it takes. Just like a Fairy Godmother, we’ll guide you to your glorious destination.

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