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The Famous Brand Color Palettes And Why They Work

A brand color palette refers to a set of colors that showcase the personality of your brand. Your brand color palette is everywhere - website, business cards, logo, and even marketing collaterals.

Colors play a critical role in establishing your brand. Even though people perceive colors differently, colors are essential for increasing brand recognition. In fact, 93 percent of buyers focus on the colors while making a purchase. That’s why choosing the right brand color palette can be a real gamechanger.

Let’s look at some of the famous brand color palettes and why they click with the target audience.


You can recognize this brand from miles away, thanks to the golden arches against a bright red background. These colors work as a potent marketing tool. The yellow color is warm and welcoming, and it also reminds you of crispy and salty french fries and a delicious Big Mac. The Color red signals urgency. Together, these attention-grabbing colors send out a friendly and optimistic vibe.

When you spot this sign during a road trip, your eyes send an immediate signal to your brain, prompting hunger. This explains the massive footfall McDonald’s receives every year.


This brand color palette, consisting of blue, green, yellow, and red, dispels the popular myth that you shouldn’t use too many colors.

Moreover, the brand colors are a mix of primary and secondary colors. Red, blue and yellow are primary colors, while green is a secondary color that can be created by mixing blue and yellow colors. This sends a strong message that Google doesn’t follow the rules, and one can surely expect the unexpected from Google. As a tech company, this works in Google’s favor because the ingenious palette makes technology seem less daunting.

Coca Cola

The brand color palette of Coca Cola consists of red and white colors. The name ‘Coca Cola’ written in white against a bright red background is an excellent marketing strategy. The color red represents excitement and energy. It is also a popular choice for the F&B industry as red can trigger purchases.

The red and white combination has become so popular that 94 percent of the world’s population recognizes this brand by its logo.


Amazon is synonymous with online shopping. The current logo emphasizes the message that Amazon sells everything from A to Z. The color palette consists of black and orange. While black stands for dominance and elegance, orange is associated with happiness.

Since Amazon is named after the biggest river on earth, the black and orange colors drive home the message that Amazon is a powerful company with a customer-centric approach.


There’s only one word to describe the color palette of Mastercard -- bright!

The primary colors are red and yellow that dip in to create an orange shade bang in the middle. The use of these bright and cheerful colors is strategic. While most people may not associate joy and happiness with finances, having a Mastercard makes it easy to do so.

The color palette also ties in beautifully with the famous slogan - “There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's a Mastercard.”


Dark blue is the only shade in Visa’s brand color palette. The color symbolizes consistency, dependability, and authority. This goes really well with the message that Visa is trying to convey -- they are trustworthy. Since Visa is the business of dealing with people’s money, the color palette works beautifully.

Gold also used to feature in Visa’s color palette. However, the use has been reduced significantly as Visa wants to have a mass appeal, whereas many people associate exclusivity with a golden color.


Inspired by the Swedish national flag, the brand color palette of IKEA has only two colors -- blue and yellow. The contrast is beautiful, making the logo easily recognizable.

The color blue represents trust and dependability, whereas yellow represents joy and warmth. Given that IKEA is a furniture brand, the colors work incredibly well. It instills faith in the customer that shopping at IKEA is a pleasant experience that will bring home a lot of joy.

Not Sure How To Choose The Right Brand Color Palette?

Deciding the right color palette for your brand is easier said than done. You need to start the process by identifying what your brand stands for to choose the relevant colors. You also need to assess the colors your competitors are using so that you are able to carve a distinct identity for yourself. Testing a couple of color palettes across all touchpoints is also essential to understand what works with your target audience. In other words, unless you know color theory and color psychology really well, working out the perfect color palette can be intimidating.

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