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Social Media Design Tips to Boost Your Visual Strategy

Visuals are an integral element of any social media marketing campaign. 80 percent of marketers use powerful visuals as part of their social media marketing strategy. The inclusion of visual content also boosts engagement and conversions. After all, 90 percent of information transmitted to a human brain is in the form of visuals, and 40 percent of users respond much better to visuals compared to plain text.

These statistics make a compelling case for optimizing your social media marketing plan to include a variety of engaging graphics.

Wondering where to begin? Here are our top design tips for amplifying your visual strategy:

1- Consistency is Key

If you want to increase brand awareness, you have to be consistent with the visuals you choose. These visuals should send a clear message to your audience about the personality of your brand.

Think of your brand as a person and ask yourself what kind of images would that person appreciate. You can look at the demographics of your target audience to decide what visuals work best for your brand. Any image that you choose should communicate the various characteristics of your brand.

For instance, prAna, a premium lifestyle clothing line that creates sustainable clothes for yoga, travel, & outdoor adventure enthusiasts, consistently posts images of various adventurous activities on its Instagram account that show what the brand offers. This also helps to create better awareness and credibility.

2- Variety is the Spice of Social Media

Social media offers an excellent platform to experiment to your heart’s content. So don’t shy away from putting out valuable content in different forms. This will help increase traffic and also keep your audience engaged.

Consider doing different types of posts such as infographics, tips, or even weekly inspirational quotes. Choose compelling graphics to accompany every post to make it visually more appealing.

Take, for instance, Digit, the app that helps automate your savings. The goal of this app is to encourage people to take financial health seriously. However, to ensure that the message is worthy of grabbing maximum eyeballs, the infographics are laced with amazing graphics. The app even created an infographic about the ‘cost of a good time’ through colorful visuals featuring music tracks such as Money by Pink Floyd.

3- Pick Complementary Profile Pic and Cover Pic

Your profile pic and cover pic must complement each other. You can easily achieve this by applying different filters or choosing the same color palette. Platforms such as Twitter even allow you to pick a theme color while setting your profile and cover pic -- this is an excellent way to showcase your brand color.

Take, for instance, the Twitter account of Chanel. The brand colors are white and black. The cover pic simply reads CHANEL and the famous double C logo is the profile pic. Both the cover pic and the profile pic use brand colors, which helps to maintain a consistent image on the platform.

4- Optimize the Images for Social Media Platforms

A picture is worth a thousand words -- this idiom holds true for social media as posts with appropriate images tend to perform better than text-only posts. However, when it comes to the size of the images, do not fall prey to a one-size-fits-all approach. Optimize the images based on the social media platform where you are planning to upload them. Optimized images take lesser time to load and reduce bounce rates. Such images also increase customer engagement.

So make sure you resize the images as per the sizing requirements set out by social media platforms. Without optimization, high-quality graphics will never deliver the desired results.

5- Make Templates Your Best Friend

If you want your social media presence to translate into real results, embrace the idea of templates. Templates are a great way to maintain consistency across channels. It also helps you to save a lot of time as you can easily update the content for a new campaign without spending a lot of time fixing the formatting.

There are various ways in which you can use these templates. For example, you can create a template of Instagram Stories for posting any promotional offer. You can also take inspiration from Pantone’s Instagram posts where the posts about different shades have the same font layout. This helps the audience to instantly recognize your brand and what you offer.

6- Don’t Forget to Follow the Best Practices

Adding a visual to your posts is not enough. It should be aesthetically pleasing and capable of making your post-pop. If you are making a text-centric graphic, choose the fonts carefully. Choose a color that is easy on the eyes so that your audience doesn’t lose interest midway. While you can always experiment with fonts, make sure that it remains legible. A simple design resonates a lot more with the audience and conveys the message in a much better manner.

Need help designing stunning visuals?

If you don’t want your audience to scroll past your posts casually, it is time to amp up the game through visuals. Once you nail graphic design, you will find it easier to grab the user’s attention. Whether you are flying solo or own an SME, compromising on social media visuals can affect your bottom line.

Looking for someone to help? Prrowess, a full-service marketing & design agency, is here to assist you. We offer unlimited design services and social media support. Thanks to our stellar designers, you can get your hands on engaging graphics for your social media account. Need help with setting up a marketing plan? Our experienced social media managers can come to your rescue and craft a monthly marketing plan that works for your brand.

What makes us special? We offer unlimited design services! You can submit unlimited design services, and we will make revisions till you are happy with the results. Once you become our client, you also get a dedicated designer and account manager who ensure that you don’t face any hiccups. Don’t want to commit fully? We even offer a ten-day risk-free trial with an option to cancel the subscription and get a full refund. To know more about Prrowess, check out the demo and sign up today.



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