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Color Influences the Meaning of Design

Hello folks, we’re back with loads of exciting information and we can't miss to share it, because you know sharing is caring. So, this month I'm putting some emphasis on “the significance of colors for graphic design or for a brand”. Oh! Yes, one thing that fills our lives with beauty - COLORS. Take a moment and look around, look at yourself, did you notice something?

The flowers, the sun, the sky, and even our clothes, everything that surrounds us would be so dull without colors in it.

Color Influences the Meaning of Design

Having said that, If colors have an enormous significance in our lives then think how important it would be for a graphic designer? Well, this blog is all about the meaning of color in graphic design or for a brand. So, let's talk about it in detail.

For a brand, color plays a huge role in exhibiting its true meaning. This visually obvious yet subtle application has a significant impact on the way a brand is perceived by the public. Companies spend more time scheduling content and various other components of marketing, color does not feature anywhere in that. But you know, colors invoke emotions, meanings, and thoughts and as part of a robust marketing strategy should not be overlooked.

For graphic design, color can literally make the image stand out or make it look dull depends on what color the designer has chosen. Whether it’s any artwork, logo or business card, color is as important as the information you intend to relay. Perhaps! Color is very imperative for a brand or it’s related elements. Let’s see how?

1. Color Influences Our Minds- The Most Persuasive Sense

Color Influences Our Minds

The human mind subconsciously assigns a certain feeling for every color, so whenever we see an image we tend to perceive it in a certain way, that is primarily because of one thing that grabs attention the most i.e colors.

Advertisers and designers clearly know that color changes the mood of prospective consumers and how they perceive the product. Hence, Color is the most influential to grab the attention, followed by Shapes, Symbols, and finally Words.

This is the significance of colors and the magic it creates in our minds. So, it’s time to understand what feelings every color conveys.

2. Color Variation Invoke Emotions

Colour is that powerful tool that invokes numerous emotions and conveys a unique meaning to the audience. Let’s see what are these feelings:

Color Variation Invoke Emotions

These were just a few colors. Likewise, every color has a certain feeling attached to it.

People do have a personal taste for every color. I have met some people who find pink offensive, especially to a male. After a point, you have to ignore these personal taste and work with your brand. Choose color wisely, one that makes sense with your brand and the message you want to convey. That’s it!!

3. Color has an Essential Impact on Brands

Color in your design directly communicates the brand’s message, they aren’t just for decoration but they deliver an intrinsic value to the design. Probably, that’s why brand recognition is highly dependent on the color applied.

Color has an Essential Impact on Brands

To explain this, let’s imagine coca cola in yellow and orange color Or Nescafe in pink color? It's funny but it's hard to imagine like that. I explained the significance of every color in the above point, that’s why it is hard to imagine coca cola in another color.

It’s simple yet crucial because an inappropriate color will deliver the wrong message. Brand recognition will make a good company succeed faster and make bad companies fail faster. So watch out designers!!

In Short

Colour is vital to your marketing from more than just an aesthetic point of view. Especially, when today's marketplace is flooded with products that strive to get our attention. How possibly could you make your product stand out in the herd? Or how can you make your graphics look different from the rest?

Choose the power of "color". By selecting a color or color combinations for your brand you will take the first step in growing a favorable acceptance. Good luck designers.

So, see you next month with more interesting information. Set your clock for 8th june 2019.



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