Top Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms to promote your business through visual marketing. Approximately 63 percent of Instagram users log on Instagram at least once a day and spend an average of 28 minutes scrolling through the feed. Moreover, at least one business profile is visited daily by 200 million Instagram users.

These statistics make a compelling case — if you want more customers to know about your brand and convert your leads, you need to market your brand well on Instagram. This article will look at the top marketing tips to grow your brand on Instagram and get noticed by potential customers.

1. Say Hello To Your Business Profile

If you want your Instagram marketing plan to deliver results, make sure that your brand has a business profile. A business profile offers several unique advantages, such as publishing Instagram ads directly without Facebook tools, checking analytics and impressions of every post, and adding a call to action button right on your profile. With a business profile, you can expect an average 1.46 percent monthly follower growth and an average engagement rate of 0.96 percent per post.

2. Make Optimal Use Of The Free Tools

Once you set up your brand’s Instagram account as a business account, you can access the Insights or analytics of your post to understand the data regarding impressions and engagement received by every post. Insights are available for posts, Instagram Stories, and videos on IGTV. Apart from gauging your content’s performance with the audience, Insights also helps you keep a tab on the overall trends.

Access to analytics is a real gamechanger as it allows you to tweak your marketing plan accordingly. The more you learn about what clicks with your audience, the better your content becomes.


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