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Can Bite-Size Ads Boost Your Marketing Campaigns?

The need to capture the attention of the customer as quickly as possible has resulted in a surge in snackable or bite-size ads. Bite-size ads, as the name suggests, deliver targeted and compelling content in one bite and are much shorter in duration compared to traditional advertisements. These snackable ads can help your audience receive the content, understand it, and share it with others, just within a few seconds.

While bite-sized ads can also be in text form, most digital marketers prefer to run it in the video format due to its versatility and ability to capture a wide range of audiences. In fact, by 2022, online videos are estimated to account for more than 82 percent of the total consumer internet traffic. 97 percent of marketers also feel that videos help the target users get a better understanding of the products and service on offer.

That’s why, while a 5-minute video ad may be too long for many, the same message delivered through a 15-second bite-size ad can impress your audience, especially if you want to increase top-of-mind awareness.

Here’s How A Bite-Size Ad Can Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

1 - It Can Demonstrate The Benefits Of Your Product

Unless the advertisement for your new offering spells out the benefits for the customer, it is unlikely to grab the attention. Mentioning features alone doesn’t help the customer understand the results they will experience using your product or service.

A bite-size ad is a great way to highlight the benefits of your product. This ad is both entertaining and informative, making it easier for the customer to make a decision to purchase the product.

2 - It Can Demonstrate The Call To Action

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to get the customer to take the desired action as soon as possible. Your bite-size ads can help you do just that.

Take, for instance, a 6-second ad by AirBnB. Apart from painting the picture of a great family vacation, it adds a clear CTA at the end by saying ‘Book Your Family Home Now,’ forcing the audience to take immediate action. By compelling immediate action, the brand ensures that the customer doesn’t forget to book.

3 - It Can Get You Noticed Without Any Voiceover

You need not use a voiceover to deliver your sales pitch. Instead, you can use appropriate music to deliver the message effectively. For example, an ad about party cups doesn’t use any voiceover. It demonstrates the utility of the party cups by only playing party music in the background.

You can also add music along with voiceover to make your delivery even more powerful.

4 - It Can Make Appealing Offers That Your Customers Cannot Refuse

Everyone loves a discount or a sale. So why not use your bite-size ad to talk about the offer? Showcase the special offer by using compelling visuals and graphics in your bite-size ad.

For instance, an ad by Burger King taps into the shared sentiment that no one likes to be interrupted while watching YouTube videos. Yet, this 14-second video ad cleverly talks about the meal offers from Burger King. This creative approach will definitely make the customer smile.

5- It Can Showcase Testimonials From Your Satisfied Customers

Testimonials are a useful marketing tool. They create a deeper emotional bonding with your product and also enhance the credibility of your business. This allows other customers to trust your brand significantly more.

You can use clips of testimonials from your old customers and plug them into bite-size ads. When potential customers listen to other customers talk about your product and how it helped them, they will be encouraged to try it out themselves.

6- It Can Drive Traffic To Your Website Or App

Once you have demonstrated the benefits of the product and given your customers a reason to try you out, it is time to see the numbers. By plugging in the links to your website or mobile app within your bite-size ads, you get a chance to know how many ‘bites’ did you gain from your customers. This will also help you refine your marketing strategy as you know what clicks with your audience the most.

Want To Design Impressive Bite-Sized Ads?

With shrinking attention spans, it has become extremely challenging for digital marketers to hold the attention of their audience. Unless your content is engaging and worthy of grabbing the eyeballs of your target demographic, you will find it difficult to boost the conversion rates. Bite-size ads are a great way to get noticed by your customers and make an indelible impression. However, you may find it overwhelming to create bite-size ads from scratch.

You don’t have to struggle on your own because help is at your fingertips! Prrowess, a full-service marketing & design agency, can take care of your needs. We offer unlimited design services and social media support. Thanks to our team of talented designers, getting your hands on unique bite-size ads is a cakewalk. Not sure how to craft a marketing plan that suits the need of your business? Stop running around in circles -- speak to our social media managers, who can create a plan as per your requirements.

What sets us apart from other design agencies? We offer unlimited design services! Keep submitting unlimited design requests, and we will carry out revisions till you are completely satisfied. With a dedicated designer and account manager at your disposal, we make sure that your design and marketing needs are always fulfilled, without any hiccups. Want to get us on board but not entirely convinced yet? Why not try out our ten-day risk-free trial? If you are not happy with us, you can always cancel the subscription and get a full refund. For more details, watch this video and sign up right now!



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